Self drive and Camping Safaris in Rwanda

Rent a car with camping gear for Camping Safaris in Rwanda. Our rental rates are very affordable starting with airport transfers to your hotel to the time you choose to leave Rwanda.

You do not need to have the trouble of carrying the camping gear from your country. At Kigali 24 – 7 Taxi we go through all that trouble for you and ensure that you have a hassle-free camping safari.

Just be prepared for anything of personal camping essentials like flashlights, Swiss knife, bug spray, or insect replant, and leave the rest for us to handle.

Why rent camping gear in Rwanda?

The Camping Safaris in Rwanda are famous among tourists who are planning to visit the different national parks in Rwanda. You can hire these wonderful camping gear and enjoy the best safari while in Rwanda. When you hire these wonderful camping gear most especially the tent, you will save a lot of money.

There are many camping sites around the different national parks in Rwanda and these camping sites allow tourists to put their camps during their safari. Instead of spending a lot of money on accommodation, you can simply hire camping gear and you will surely save some good dollars.

Camping Safaris in Rwanda
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