Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, is known for its beautiful scenery, vibrant culture, and friendly people. If you are planning a trip to Kigali, you might want to consider renting a car to explore the city at your own pace. Fortunately, there are several car rental companies in Kigali that offer affordable rates and reliable vehicles. In this article, we will guide you through the process of booking a car in Kigali using an app.

Step 1: Download the app.

The first step in booking a car in Kigali is to download the app of a reputable car rental company. Some of the popular car rental companies in Kigali include Kigali Car Rentals, Kigali 24-7 Taxi, and so forth. You can download their apps from the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device. Once you have downloaded the app, create an account by providing your personal details, such as your name, email address, and phone number.

Step 2: Choose your location and dates.

After creating an account, you will be prompted to choose your location and rental dates. In Kigali, you can pick up your rental car from Kigali International Airport or any of the car rental company’s offices located in the city. You will also need to specify the pick-up and drop-off dates and times. It is important to note that some car rental companies have a minimum age requirement for renting a car, which is usually 21 years.

Step 3: Select your car.

Once you have specified your location and rental dates, you will be shown a list of available cars. The cars are categorized based on their size, type, and features. You can select the car that best suits your needs and budget. If you are traveling with a large group, you might want to consider renting a minivan or SUV. On the other hand, if you are traveling solo or with a small group, a compact or midsize car might be sufficient.

Step 4: Add extras.

Most car rental companies offer additional services and features that you can add to your rental package. These extras include GPS navigation, child seats, additional drivers, and insurance coverage. You can choose to add these extras to your rental package for an additional fee. It is advisable to check the terms and conditions of the car rental company before adding extras to your rental package.

Step 5: Review and confirm your booking.

After selecting your car and adding extras, you will be prompted to review your booking details. Make sure to check the pick-up and drop-off locations, rental dates and times, car type, and extras. If you are satisfied with the booking details, you can confirm your booking by making a payment using a credit or debit card. Some car rental companies also accept mobile money payments.

Step 6: Pick up your car.

On the day of your rental, you will need to go to the pick-up location to collect your rental car. Make sure to bring your valid driver’s license, passport, and credit or debit card. You will also need to sign a rental agreement and provide a deposit, which will be refunded after you return the car in good condition. The car rental company’s representative will show you the features of the car and give you instructions on how to operate it.

Step 7: Enjoy your trip.

Once you have collected your rental car, you can start exploring Kigali at your own pace. Rwanda is a beautiful country with a lot to see and do. You can visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial, go on a gorilla trekking tour in Volcanoes National Park, or take a trip to Lake Kivu. With your rental car, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to explore the city and its surroundings without the constraints of public transportation.

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