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+250 725 074 659 KN 5 Road, Kigali, Rwanda

We offer One Way Car Rental services between Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania for travellers wishing to travel to one of those countries.

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Hiring a car for your safari or trip in East Africa can help you save your precious time sorting out transfers and gives you more freedom to really explore the best destinations of this African section.

Are you on a Safari vacation, a business trip, city to city tour, beach vacation holiday or a weekend getaway to the rural places; We will offer you a choice from small compact cars to the big open SUVs like Land cruisers which are quality vehicles at a perfect price.

There is a high demand for cross- country tours.  There are many clients who always want to start their tours in Rwanda and end them in the neighboring countries. And because of that, we came up with the idea of one way car rental where we provide you with the car and you travel to the neighboring country.

When you are done with your tour, we just tell you where you can drop off the car within that country that is if you decide not to come back to Rwanda. We have a network of drivers who can always bring back the car to Rwanda.

This is so much common where clients use different airports in East Africa as their arrival and departure airports. We have many clients who arrive through Kigali International Airport and depart via Entebbe International airport in Uganda.

If you wish to return to Rwanda, we will be glad to still offer you the best car rental experience.

We offer the best terms and conditions regarding one way car rentals. It is sometimes challenging to manage one way car hires however we know what it takes to keep them successful and that’s what we do always.

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