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+250 725 074 659 KN 5 Road, Kigali, Rwanda

At Kigali 24-7 Taxi, we operate a fleet of well maintained vehicles including safari land cruisers, RAV4, Sedans among many others are will best suit your preference. Our prices are very competitive and we are very flexible to adapt to your travel needs.

This wonderful fleet of cars is well-maintained by our exceptional mechanical engineers who do the necessary effort to make sure that the cars are fit to drive. The cars are checked before and after the drive to make sure that they are in best mechanical condition.

The cars are also kept clean at all times. We always clean the cars before and after the safaris to make sure that our clients are very comfortable with the cars. In addition, we make sure that the cars smell extremely nice such that they are appealing and comfortable to our clients during the drive.

Check out our fleet and proceed to contact us today to hire a car in Rwanda.

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