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+250 725 074 659 KN 5 Road, Kigali, Rwanda

Rent a car Rwanda; Our car fleet is perfectly suited to assist you in your car rental options like self driver hire while on your holiday in Rwanda. Rent Sedan 4×4 Cars with Kigali 24-7 Taxi.

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We can design, plan, quote and book the itinerary for you. Most of the country can be driven using a conventional sedan 4×4 which is why opting for car rental in Rwanda is a wise choice.

if you are looking forward to hire Sedan cars in Rwanda, you can always contact us for the best deals.We have some of the best sedan cars for hire in Kigali.

hire 4×4 cars in Rwanda.

Why Choose Us?

We hire the Cars at the best price.

Pricing is one of the determinant factor why the clients keep coming back to us. It is always our mission to provide the best deals to our clients and one of the ways of doing that is by renting them cars at the best price. Our prices are the best on the market.

We hire cars with or without a driver.

We are very flexible when it comes to car hires. We always hire cars with or without a driver. Should you need to hire cars without a driver, we will be available to make sure that we offer you the best cars. And for clients who are looking forward to hire cars with drivers, we have the best team of drivers who are highly professional and knowledgeable about Rwanda, they drivers will take you to any location around the country.

We rent cars at the terms and conditions.

It is our utmost joy to see our clients happy and one of the ways of making them happy is by renting them cars at the best terms and conditions. You will walk away with amazing deals when you hire from us.

Contact us today and one of our reservation managers will be able to assist you.

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