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What to do when your car breaks down

What to do when your car breaks down

Get to know What to do when your car breaks down. Kigali 24 – 7 Taxi gives you the freedom to travel where you want at any time and the best part of it you travel in a very nice car that you cannot even afford but at a relatively less expensive price. However, there are some problems that you may face on the road like a car break down that can frustrate you. But these problems were foresighted by the car hire companies and they can be taken care of and you also have to do something in order for the company to help you.

You have to do the following in case of a breakdown of your car rental

A general accident like a car crash

First thing you have to do in case of an accident please call the car rental company and the nearest police center. Create a police report to let them know about the accident. Wait for the inspection then other proceedings will follow.

If you can drive the car

What you have to do is to contact the car rental agency if a minor break down. The agency will ask you to drive their nearest outlet or office and they will get another car or send you a car to continue your trip. If the car has got a small problem like a flat tire, you have to change the tire as they are always an extra tire in the car or for a minor dent pay for the repair at the nearest mechanic shop and keep the receipt for the payment of the repair to present to the company.

If you cannot drive the car after the breakdown 

If the car gets a complete malfunction, you just have to call the car rental agency and wait for the assistance to come. If the car is in an unsafe place talk to the locals to push it and put it in a safe place as you wait for the assistant who will repair it and continue your voyage.

In case the car breaks down far away from the agency’s proximity, contact the agency and request them to another vehicle to continue your journey. If it is not possible to replace the car and the assistance will take so long to reach seek permission from the car rental agency to take the car to the nearest auto mechanic car repair workshop so that they can amend the damages and continue your trip. Remember to keep the receipts for the repair so that the car agency refunds your money if you are insured for car rental.

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