Kigali Airport Taxi - Transfers & Airport Car Rental

Kigali 24 7 Taxi the best option for your airport transfer. Book a last-minute airport shuttle to your accommodation. We offer both pickups and drops. Call us we are just a few minutes away.  We also offer car hire services where you can have your rented car from the airport hotel or from our offices. We will be able to transfer you to any hotel and any other destination in Rwanda. Are you looking for a reliable airport taxi in Rwanda? Kindly contact us for a wonderful experience.

We will be able to cater for all your Rwanda needs to any other destination around the country. Are you looking for a Guided trip to Rwanda? Kindly contact us for a wonderful experience.

We offer airport transfers to various places in Rwanda. Our services are 24/7 so any time you get to the airport, we are just a call away. Our drivers will guide you throughout your travel in Rwanda and we are sure and certain to match your Rwanda expectations. Any destination you would like to be transferred to around Rwanda, we will make the best effort to take you there.

Kigali 24-7 Taxi has a wonderful team of great drivers who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in airport transfers. Our drivers know different hotels and several tourist attractions in Rwanda, they will be able to transfer you to any location in Rwanda in comfort. In case there is a delay in your flight, the drivers are always willing to wait until your arrival.

We have a wonderful fleet of cars which makes our airport transfer easy. We have 2 passenger vehicles, Mini vans, and coasters. Whether you are traveling as an individual or a group of tourists, we will surely offer you the best airport transfers with our convenient Kigali shuttles and vehicle hire services.

Our office is located a few kilometers from Kigali International Airport which makes it easy to offer the best airport transfers in Rwanda. We are located in Remera, KN5 Airport Road Kigali. Quick Contact Using this form.

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Airport Pickup Services

At Kigali 24-7 Taxi, we make sure your arrival is successful and our professional drivers will always be eager to wait  for you and take care of your transfer to the hotel, as they are knowledgeable about the country and and it’s tourist attractions including national parks, museums and more.

A pickup service with Kigali 24-7 Taxi will always be a memorable one as you will be greeted by your tour guide or one of our staff with all of the information that is useful, and yet helpful for your trip in Rwanda.

Kigali Airport Drop offs

Renting a car in Rwanda’s airport is easy but there are responsibilities around it when driving. One important thing to note about driving a rental car in Rwanda is that traffic moves on the left-hand side of the road.

After you’ve have enjoyed your trip and ready to go home round your trip off with one of our car or shuttle transfer to Kigali International Airport. We will pick you up directly from your hotel and get you to the airport in no time at all to avoid a flight miss.

Our car Fleet.

We offer affordable transportation services to both nationals and visitors from all over the world. we are pleased to have a collection of various sorts of cars including luxury, safari vehicles, economical vehicles, and the 4×4 land cruisers. Our fleet is kept in good condition to see that the clients have an unforgettable trip to any part of the country.

Toyota Tx Prado

Toyota Landcruiser TXL $100.

Rent a sturdy 4×4 car with us now for USD 100 per day with driver less fuel..

Toyota Rav 4

Toyota RAV 4 going for $50.

Rent a convenient Rav4 car with us now for USD 50 for self drive less fuel..

Land cruiser

Toyota Landcruiser ZX $150.

Rent a sturdy 4×4 car with us now for USD 150 per day with driver less fuel..

Toyota coaster

Coaster Bus going for $150.

Rent a Toyota coaster bus with us now for USD 150 per day with driver less fuel..

Toyota land cruiser, Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

Toyota Lancruiser V8 for $120.

Rent a sturdy 4×4 car with us now for USD 120 per day with driver less fuel..

Toyota Prado

Toyota Prado TX going for $80.

Rent a convenient Rav4 car with us now for USD 50 per day for self drive less fuel..

Safari Land Cruiser

Safari Landcruiser for $150.

Rent a sturdy 4×4 car with us now for USD 150 per day with driver less fuel..

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Toyota Minivan going for $120.

Rent a Toyota Minivan with us now for USD 120 per day with driver less fuel..

Kigali Airport Transfers.

We also offer airport pick up and transfers to guests in our comfortable vehicles. Despite the fact that we use these vehicles to give transportation services to travelers, we additionally rent our vehicles to anyone irrespective of their origin or business. Trust me, our services are affordable as well as diverse in the sense that one is allowed to pick the kind of vehicle he/she needs to use. We provide affordable City Taxi services available 24 hours to any destination in Kigali, our prices are friendly and affordable. Our drive is to become the preferred car rental choice as a universal transport provider with efficient taxi services and the best cabs, We Provide Transport to and from your Hotel to any destination around Rwanda.

Tips on Kigali International Airport

Our Car Rental Options.

Kigali Airport Taxi offers various car rental options for travellers coming to Rwanda whether for business or personal trips; Our Rwanda car rental is the only option to explore a Thousand hills country on your pace as you will have the right to stop as well as you wish. Try our Self drive car hire and see the magical and beautiful.

Safari Cars for Rent

Safari Car Rental.

Renting a Safari Car in Rwanda Safari Car Rental Rwanda; when on your Visit Rwanda.

4x4 Car Rental Rwanda

4×4 Car Rental Rwanda.

4×4 Car Rental Rwanda 4×4 Car Rental Rwanda; Let’s get started by letting you know.

Toyota Rav 4

Self Drive Rwanda Car hire.

Self Drive Rwanda Car Rental. Renting a self drive in Rwanda has never been this easy.

For the best Rwanda Car Rental services.


Why Choose Us.

Our Car hire fleet range from economy Self drive SUVs like the Toyota Rav4, The heavy-duty 4×4 cars like the Toyota Land cruisers, The Land Rover 110 as well as car for luxury Self Drive adventure in Rwanda.

  • Sturdy Cars for bumpy & unpaved roads.
  • Good for Wild viewing.
  • 6 – 7 Seater safari car
  • Comfort Wildlife viewing.
  • From 7 to 50 pax.
  • Well maintained Cars.
  • Professional & experienced Drivers.

Our Car Rental Blog.

Here are our blog posts to guide you through the best way to Hire a car in Kigali. Our car rental blog was designed to give you useful information about Kigali Airport Taxi.

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